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Empowering women to take back control of their sexual health and happiness

Registration for the Yoni Vitality Programme is currently closed.

The Yoni Vitality Programme is an invitation to join a group of like-minded women who are empowering themselves to take back control of their own sexual health and happiness.

Following an initial self-assessment of exactly where you may be on your own sexuality journey, you will then be guided through an ongoing process of relaxing, releasing, nurturing, toning, pleasuring and manifesting – as you continue to explore your own unique sexual landscape, covering both the physical and emotional aspects of this exploration.  You will receive new material on a weekly basis to support you in your process and will be able to tap into the support of the group at any time via the closed social media Yoni Vitality group.  Monthly Zoom calls will also be held, where we will discuss the previous month’s content – and see where that takes us from there.

If you would like to be notified when this programme next opens for registration, please fill in your details below.  You will also receive a link to download a copy of my beautifully illustrated ebook – “Yoni Love 101 – A Guide To Holistic Sexual Self-Care For Women”  – as well as weekly emails with my latest conscious sexuality/sexual self-care blog and details of any special offers or promotions I may be running.

I so look forward to sharing this journey with you 🙂

Yes, I'm ready!