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Registration for the Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitator For Women training programme is currently closed.  This 4-month, online programme runs once a year and opens again in February 2025.

If you are a woman and are feeling called to work more closely with women’s sexual health in a holistic capacity – as an add-on to your existing work, or as a newer calling in your life – then this programme is an excellent place to start.

A great sex life starts with great sexual health.

And, let’s be honest, conventional ways of treating women’s sexual health issues are, most often, incomplete or ineffective at best – and harmful at worst.  The vast majority of conventional healthcare methods completely disregard the vital and intrinsic connection between women’s emotions and how these manifest in our physical bodies – a fact that is particularly pertinent when it comes to matters of our sexual health.

The good news is that there are plenty of holistic tools and practices women can use that encompass the whole spectrum of sexual healing – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and, when we approach things in this way, the results we achieve are both highly effective and long-lasting.

The Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitator Training Programme predominantly covers the phenomenally powerful, ancient practice of yoni steaming – which really should be every gynaecologist’s first resort!  All of the physical practicalities & considerations, as well as the emotional components of releasing stuck emotions & trauma using yoni steaming, are covered. It also includes an extensive section on creating your own herbal steaming blends to address different sexual health issues.  Additional supportive diet and lifestyle tips for restoring balance and relieving the most common female sexual health issues are included in the programme as well.

On top of this, we also cover the basics of making and using yoni/womb tea blends and yoni pearls.  There is a comprehensive section on proper menstrual/moontime care and another on the importance of emotional sexual healing.  You will also learn how to use yoni eggs to address the toning and strengthening of the vaginal muscles and bodily reconnection (as well as for a multitude of other benefits), and also how we can use yoni wands to release stored tension and trauma, unlocking more pleasure and joy in our lives as we do so.

In a nutshell – a complete toolbox of tools and practices to restore and keep (both your own and) your client’s sexual health and happiness in tip-top condition.

This training programme is online and is complemented by monthly Zoom calls and full email support. A certificate will be issued on the successful completion of the training programme and will enable you to add holistic sexual wellness to your existing offerings or even set up a dedicated yoni steaming spa, complete with your own yoni steaming blends.  Or to start your own online holistic sexual wellness website or coaching practice.  Or to be able to add additional post-partum support to your existing doula service . However you choose to use your newfound knowledge, the business side of getting set up is also covered.

As this work can be used in both an online, as well as an in-person capacity, it is also a wonderful opportunity to create a source of income that is completely location-independent.

Suitable for midwives, doulas, gynaecologists, naturopathic/integrative doctors, nurses, alternative medicine therapists, women’s group facilitators, women’s wellness advocates, massage therapists, spa owners etc.  Essentially, anyone who already works with women and wishes to deepen their knowledge base to include this fundamentally important – and yet often ignored/misunderstood – aspect of women’s health: our sexual health. In a holistic way.  And to explore the ancient wisdom and healing power of our herbal allies. It is also a great opportunity to learn and be able to offer new skills in one of the fastest-growing health and wellness niches at this time.

This is Women’s Medicine – By Women, For Women.  So if that resonates with you and you would like to be notified as soon as this programme opens for registration, please click on the button below and join the waiting list.  You will also receive a link to download a copy of my beautifully illustrated ebook – “Yoni Love 101 – A Guide To Holistic Sexual Self-Care For Women”  – to dive into in the meantime, as well as regular emails with my latest conscious sexuality/sexual self-care blog and details of any special offers or promotions I may be running from time to time.

I so look forward to sharing this training with you – and helping you to help as many other women as possible using these powerful, ancient practices.

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