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Empowering women to take back control of their sexual health and happiness

Reclaiming our sexual health and happiness is KEY to living an empowered, juicy, turned-on life!

But what does this actually mean?

For me, this means…

  • A life where we know how to look after our own sexual health, using gentle, but effective, holistic tools and practices to do so.
  • A life that is free from social conditioning around our sexuality – and where we are healed from sexual trauma, fear, guilt and shame.  Where we are deeply surrendered and able to access multi-orgasmic states and fully express our own unique, authentic sexuality.
  • A life where we understand the importance of keeping our hearts – and yonis – clear of tensions and emotional baggage and where we ensure we release these on a regular basis.
  • A life where we make healthy, positive choices for our body – what we feed it, where we take it and who we share it with.
  • A life where we spend dedicated time each day in some way nurturing and celebrating being in these incredible bodies.
  • A life where we recognise and practice radical self-responsibility for what we attract into our lives: where we know that there is a gift for us in each and every experience – and where we transcend the victim-perpetrator paradigm as a result.
  • A life where we learn to express appreciation and gratitude as second nature, finding beauty all around us – raising our vibration as we do so and consequently attracting even more beauty into our lives.
  • A life that has us standing tall and comfortable in our own skin.  Fully accepting of ourselves and others, with boundless, inspired energy to create the life of our dreams.
  • A life where we realise our own divinity – where we drop our small selves and realise our Higher Selves – and live from that knowing instead.

Healing our relationship to our sexuality

Healing our relationship to our sexuality can achieve all of the above.  It really is that powerful.

The state of our emotions has a direct effect on our physical health.  Every state of disease or imbalance in the body has an emotional imbalance at its root.  And both need to be addressed in order for balance – and health – to be restored.

This holds powerfully true for our sexual health, where emotions surrounding our sexuality really run so deep.

As stagnant/toxic emotional blocks to our sexual health and happiness are cleared out, not only is there an improvement in our physical sexual health, but we also automatically make room for what has been there all along but has been repressed/suffocated – our natural states of far deeper joy, pleasure and connection.

In experiencing such states, we allow in such a deep and tangible experience of who we actually are – in all our divinity and totality.

And, once we have even the smallest taste of that, it becomes very hard to revert to feeling small or separate ever again.  At least never to the extent that has become so hard-wired in so many of us, as we have moved through this journey called life and reacted to its experiences.

In addition, dropping into these natural states of deep joy, pleasure and connection is certainly one helluva way to overcome sexual shame, fear and guilt.

Which makes the benefits of working on healing our sexuality pretty mind-blasting!   And massively important to the planet as a whole.  Imagine an ever-increasing groundswell of women who really know who they are and are stepping into their power exactly as that.

That’s a changed world right there.

And… it’s happening right now.

Of course, healing and awakening to our sexuality is but one path to such a realisation.

But, if it is one that interests you, then you might appreciate a roadmap to help guide you along the way.

Juliet...I cannot express how much gratitude I have for the blessing that is your Yoni Vitality Course! I DID expect to work through some old stuff, beliefs and shame around sex, but what I didn't expect is the door it opened for me to really and truly start to love myself. I can't believe that such a gentle course can have such profound benefits. I have finished the course in the linear sense, but I think I will still go back over it for a long time. Your kind and compassionate approach and the community with the other women on the calls has been such a heartwarming experience. Laughing together and sharing the experience. If you are considering doing this course, just do it!


Following a roadmap

The Yoni Vitality Programme provides a roadmap to restoring all aspects of our sexual health and happiness.  It gives us a foundational framework to build us up physically, emotionally and spiritually so that we have the tools to fully embrace our sexuality and realise our true state of health, radiance and connection.

The aim of the programme is to walk you through – and enable you to experiment with – the same sexual healing tools and practices I use myself – including, but by no means limited to – yoni eggs, yoni wands and yoni steaming.

Additional tools and practices to be covered will include breathwork, movement, meditations, visualisation, hormone-friendly recipes, yoga and emotional healing and pleasure practices, as well as interesting and useful supporting resources/ information too.

In this way, restoring and maintaining sexual health and happiness will be approached from a physical, emotional and spiritual angle, creating a truly holistic – and powerful – approach.

I absolutely loved this programme, and, as I have said before, I think that every woman should do this. The main thing that I benefited from was having a structured programme within which to focus on my yoni and my sexual health.


And as we clear the physical and emotional blocks to our sexual health and happiness, we make room for more and more joy and pleasure to fill that space instead, shaping both our sex lives (whether single or in a relationship) and the rest of our lives too.  Our sexual energy is our life-force energy – and as we nurture and enable more of it to be expressed in our lives, we become fully alive, and start to squeeze the juice out of every moment we are here in this incarnation!

The Yoni Vitality Programme is the best programme ever! It's like you don't even know what you did not know. This programme takes you on a journey to reclaim your sexuality as a woman. The lies we have been sold, the trauma we have experienced all get to be revealed and there are so many beautiful ways that you learn to live in the truth of who you are. With each module and each zoom call I was blown away by how much I was discovering and the freedom I was reclaiming and how I was learning to be in my body. Juliet is an experienced guide to take you on this journey. She is kind, wise, knowledgeable and so compassionate as we deal with this often tender and sensitive aspect of our lives. I would recommend that every woman does this programme.


Healing our relationship to our sexuality is a BIG subject, I know.  Which is why this programme runs over 6.5 months – which you can totally take at your own pace, with zero rush or comparison.  This journey is uniquely yours.  There is no right or wrong in any of it.  All you need is a curiosity and willingness to explore the magical depths and unlimited expansiveness of your own sexuality.

Also, however, if you would prefer more interaction and support with others on the programme, you are most welcome to join the monthly Zoom calls where we can connect with each other, discuss the previous month’s material, and then follow anything that naturally springs from that.  I value these calls very highly – as there is so much opportunity for exploration and growth when we open our hearts and share with each other.

As someone who works in the field of trauma healing, I am very aware of how important it is to go slowly and build a good, strong foundation that can be deeply healing when doing this kind of work. Juliet’s Yoni Vitality programme does this beautifully, starting slowly and gently, laying the groundwork for doing the deep healing work later on.


Awesome benefits of implementing holistic sexual self-care into our lives

Looking after our sexual health and happiness empowers us on such a deep level and the rewards for doing so are rich indeed.

Physically, these include:-

  • Prevention of pelvic organ prolapse and bladder incontinence – which currently affect approximately 50% of women at some stage in their lifetime – a crazy statistic!
  • Deeper pelvic relaxation – helping to alleviate pelvic pain and tension – in turn removing bladder pain and pain during sex, amongst other daily discomfort.
  • Balancing our hormones – vital for a healthy, happy life on so many levels.
  • Creating a healthy menstrual cycle – it’s every woman’s birthright to experience regular, easy, pain-free periods.  As well as being totally possible too.
  • Mitigating environmental threats to our sexual health – such as the toxic effects of xeno-estrogens, found in conventionally grown food and conventional body and household cleaning products.
  • Minimising the risk of breast cancer and heart disease – currently 2 of the most common diseases and causes of death in women.
  • Minimising the risk of other sexual health diseases and disorders.

And emotionally and spiritually…

  • Release of sexual guilt, shame and trauma – making room for more joy and pleasure in our lives.
  • Deeper sensual connection to, more sensitivity in, and love for, our bodies = more health, more pleasure, more joy.
  • Release of all feelings of unworthiness – replacing these with love, pleasure, aliveness and knowing instead.
  • Embodiment of feeling truly safe, loved and open –  where we drop all the stories, calm our nervous system and become fully present and able to drop into expanded states of pleasure, orgasm and consciousness.
  • Moving from a sense of separation to connection with All-That-Is, and the personal surrender/movement into non-duality that naturally accompanies that (in all areas of our lives).
  • Nurturing our creative, life-force/sexual energy – enabling us to create the life of our dreams… whether that is growing a new business or career, creating and maintaining vibrant health, attracting our ideal partner, stepping into financial freedom or even making a new baby…  all of it comes from our sexual centre!
  • Generating “feel good” neurochemicals – oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine and serotonin are all produced during sex and orgasm, whilst cortisol (the stress hormone) is reduced.  Looking after our sexual self-care puts a glow in our cheeks and a spring in our step!
  • Awareness of our own divinity – Self-Realisation.

I’ve had such deep shifts arising from the course. The most surprising thing is that as I have connected to my body, I gave myself the gift of listening to what I really wanted to say and starting caring for myself in a way I don’t think I have before. I have began to find my true voice. I have never felt more alive and full of hope and opportunity. And yes, I am orgasming regularly now and the sex I am having feels sacred and nourishing, but the course ended up being such much more than that. Thank you x



This course has been a beautiful guiding foundation on my journey of deepening connection with myself. I love that we can move at our own pace and revisit sections. I’ve especially enjoyed the breast massage techniques, de-armouring insights and the tangible results that come with each practical exercise.


Filling your own treasure chest

The Yoni Vitality Programme is an invitation to join a group of like-minded women, of all ages, who are empowering themselves to take back control of their own sexual health and happiness.  And to claim the lives of joy, pleasure, radiance and connection that are on the other side of doing that.

As the exercises, meditations and information are released to you on a weekly basis, you will gradually amass a treasure chest of sexual self-care tools and practices from which you can start to build and create your own custom-made holistic sexual self-care routine, varying the components of that as you feel the need.  You will also receive the invaluable support of a community of women, via a private GAB group, all of whom are holding a similar intention or are on a similar path.

The pace of the programme is deliberately set so that you will never be sent too much information in one go for it to become overwhelming.  And even spending half an hour a week on the subject matter will bring about tangible results – so you never need to spend hours on it either (although the more time you do spend, obviously the more benefit you will gain).  I totally get what it means to live a super-busy life – and none of us need to be over-whelmed by a programme that is actually designed to lead us to just the opposite of that!

I found that i really needed to slow down and get to know myself more - being selfish and having more me time is better for everyone around me. I suffer from numbness and even though I’ve still got a long way to go, I have found I was able to release easier rather than tighten up during sex and have been able to squirt a few times too. Am also loving my yoni eggs. Overall, I highly recommend the Yoni Vitality programme. It’s full of many interesting tools to help us as women to improve the state of our bodies, minds and spirits.


Slowly but surely, by making time for yourself in such a loving and intimate way, you will gradually be able to access more clarity, energy and calm – leading to a life of ease and flow and pleasure rather than one of effort and overwhelm (that we all know only too well!)

The Yoni Vitality programme welcomes women of all ages – from teenage girls who have gone through puberty to our wise elders of any age…  we can all learn so much from each other…  and you are all so welcome.

Yoni Vitality was a wonderfully liberating experience. I learnt so much about myself and my body and it really gave me the courage to think about and explore my femininity in a different way. It was a safe and nurturing space to ask questions and learn new things. I am so pleased to have experienced this and it has given me tools for conversations with my daughter too. Juliet is really knowledgeable, open and gentle and completely non-judgemental.


So how does the programme work?

As you can see in the infographic below, I have broken the Yoni Vitality journey down into one introduction module, plus six content modules/areas of focus…

The idea behind the “Vitality Spiral” is to start with a personal assessment of where you are at – and (more importantly) where you would like to go – with your own holistic sexual health and happiness.

This assessment is covered in the short introduction module “Assess”. The following six content modules – Relax, Release, Nurture, Tone, Pleasure and Manifest – will then be worked through in sequence, one month at a time, and will provide various sexual health and happiness foundational tools, practices and information for you to explore and use in any combination, at any time.

I’m really feeling the effect of the programme. My skin looks amazing as a by-product. It feels really plump and full.. All good – oh yes and I gushed using the wand the other night.. I wasn’t sure what was going on..! Was great.. I feel I’ve come a long way already.. but so much juicy stuff to learn and explore.. I LOVE the programme. So grateful xx


So who am I and why should you trust me to accompany you on this journey?

The very simple answer to that is that I am just like you – someone who has realised the vital importance of looking after my own sexual health and happiness.  But I am also someone who doesn’t always find that easy!

Which, I believe, makes me a good guide too – I recognise the blocks we can create for ourselves during such a process!

To give you a bit more detail… my name is Juliet Terblanche and I have been running my company Yoni Eggs, here in South Africa, since the end of 2015.

Over that time I have carried out extensive study and research into women’s sexual health, as well as being on my own sexual healing journey. I have given talks on holistic sexual health here in South Africa and also in the UK, as well as exhibiting and giving talks from my Woman Zone stand at SpiritFest, the South African yoga festival, for the past 3 festivals.  And, of course, I have sold hundreds of yoni eggs, yoni wands and yoni steaming herbs to hundreds of women in the process.

I have also helped guide and counsel many women on their own journeys of sexual discovery & healing over this time and have launched my own Breast Love 101 holistic breast care course and my Amrita Journey – a deep dive into G-spot exploration and female ejaculation.

Prior to starting Yoni Eggs, I owned a health shop and studied holistic health. I am also a certified raw food nutritionist. I have had an interest in holistic health for many years and my husband and I produce a range of medicinal mushroom teas and tinctures, with mushrooms wild-harvested from our Knysna Forest farm.

I am a firm believer that all disease can be prevented and healed using a combination of the right nutrition, natural remedies and emotional balancing. And I am passionate about bringing awareness of this kind of holistic approach to the arena of women’s sexual health. I don’t believe the answers to such health issues need to be complicated, costly nor invasive – and I am committed to showing women there is another –  better – way of doing things.

I also understand the importance of self-nurture – and how good I feel when I make this a non-negotiable part of my own life. I’m not perfect at doing so – often I still get lost in the whirlwind of my own busy-ness – but such moments only serve to further reinforce for me the importance of self-care and time out.

I have had my own experience of dealing with fibrocystic breast disease and bladder/pelvic pain and have learned (and am still learning) how to navigate the tricky waters of sexual trauma.

I know the Self-realisation that can occur through exploration of our deepest states of pleasure – and am an avid student of doing just that!  I appreciate the massive implications of all women waking up to this knowing – and am passionate about bringing that message to as many women as possible.

I have learned a lot on my journey so far, but at the same time I offer what I know to you with the utmost humility and openness for us to walk our healing journeys together, learning from each other as we go.

Signing up to the Yoni Vitality course was one of the best things that I have done for myself in my life. I feel that I have learnt so much, and now I have so many wonderful materials and ideas to go away and explore further after the course. It has served as an excellent education and foundation for my sexual health and vitality. Juliet also held space for all of the participants so beautifully, meaning that I felt safe to explore any issue with her, and to share honestly - which is vital for this type of work. I would recommend this course to everybody, and look forward to doing other courses with Juliet in the future.


And who am I not?

I am a mentor and an educator.  And a very good one too 🙂

But I don’t promise to be all things to all people.  That’s impossible.

So rest assured that if, during this programme, something comes up for you that feels too big or too complex for me to handle, I will have no problem referring you onwards to a good naturopath, functional medicine doctor, Traditional Chinese Doctor, energy healer or trauma specialist…  Or to whoever else feels appropriate and useful.

And what can I help you with?

  • Getting clear on where you are in your sexual journey – and where you want to go…
  • Yoni eggs, yoni wands and yoni steaming – advice and education
  • Pelvic relaxation exercises
  • Mind relaxation practices – giving up control and getting out of your own way
  • Nervous system calming & nourishing – increasing your sense of safety within yourself
  • Self-love and body-love practices
  • Basic trauma release
  • Basic yoni de-armouring practices
  • Discovering.. and falling in love with… your beautiful yoni and pelvis!
  • Body- and Sex-Positive education
  • Holistic breast and heart care
  • Nutritional and body/home care product upgrades
  • Pelvic and Core muscle strengthening exercises
  • Pleasure education and exercises
  • Using sexual energy for manifestation
  • Law of Attraction education
  • Conscious sexuality education

I am so happy to have taken this program. It has helped opened my eyes, heart and yoni to the amazing person I am and what are amazing bodies can actually do. It's gotten me so much more in touch with myself, more confident in my sexuality and more aware the feminine parts that were never taught to me ever. Thank you Juliet for being brave in pioneering this!


The Yoni Vitality programme has an in depth approach - the different teachings and practises Juliet offers in the program are a wealth of knowledge. In a gentle way they have guided me in the process of feeling more connected to my body, releasing old baggage and blocks and making room for new energy and spark. Juliet is very committed and supportive, giving personal advice when needed. I love the programme and continue to implement the practices in my daily life. So grateful for Juliet's teachings!


So, how do I join?

You can join the Yoni Vitality Programme by way of an Early Bird payment between now and midnight on Tuesday, 2nd July 2024 – or a Full Price payment between Wednesday, 3rd July – midnight on Monday, 8th July 2024.   

♥ ♥ ♥

Once you have signed up, you will be given access to an overview of the membership’s different modules, as well as the first week’s content and any bonuses you qualify for too. 

♥ ♥ ♥

The first week’s content of the programme includes the “Where Am I At?” assessment, along with setting a Statement of Intention to get clear on where you are and, more importantly, on where you would like to go…

The second part of the Assess module will be released to you the following week.  The idea of dripping the content in a steady, consistent manner like this is to make every week’s tools and practices easy to digest and implement into your life – and to avoid overwhelm at all costs!

♥ ♥ ♥

Beyond that, material from each module – Relax, Release, Nurture, Tone, Pleasure & Manifest – will continue to be dripped out to you week by week.  Each module’s material will take 4 weeks to move through.

♥ ♥ ♥

The Vitality Spiral has been set out with each module concentrating on a different area of focus.  But this is not a linear journey – all of these modules interlock with each other, hence the “progression” through them has been set out in a continuous, circular manner.  We can always add something new to our sexual self-care practices – and return to a particular area of focus again and again, as we feel to.  The journey of sexual and personal awakening is, of course, a never-ending one.

♥ ♥ ♥

As you move from one week to the next, the idea is to try out each of the various foundational practices for each module and, as you go along, to start to compile your own unique custom-made programme using one or two of the practices from each module, according to what you feel is most useful/enjoyable to you at this moment in time.

You will probably want to mix these up a bit from week to week, as your point of focus changes and develops – or to add something new as more material is released.

♥ ♥ ♥

Monthly Zoom calls will be held – the schedule of which will be sent out to you once registration for the programme has closed.  These are optional – but provide an amazing, supportive and fun opportunity to explore the material more deeply, as well as connect, share and ask any questions that may come up for you. 

♥ ♥ ♥

The long-term intention for this programme is to create a solid foundation of holistic sexual self-care practices – on a physical, emotional and spiritual level – from which we can continue to assess, fine-tune and master the needs and desires of our own unique sexual health and happiness as we continue through our lives.

♥ ♥ ♥

A Taste Of Each Module…


Getting real & honest with where we are on our own unique sexual health & happiness journey.  Getting clear as to where we would like to go – both sexually and in the rest of our lives too.  Creating a Desire Board & Statement Of Intention, starting a Yoni Love journal and setting up a Sacred Space to help us keep this focus.


Releasing stress & tension in our entire bodies using breathwork – Calming Breathing & Pelvic/Yoni Breathing; Loving Touch and Feeling Safe meditations; and gentle pelvic relaxation exercises. Nervous system nourishment.   Addressing stress incontinence, struggling to orgasm, pelvic tightness & pelvic pain, pain during sex, vaginismus, vulvodynia, healthy stress management and opening ourselves more to the flow of life-force/creative energy.


Releasing sexual trauma, shame, guilt & fear.  De-armouring the vagina and cervix – increasing sensation and expanding our capacity to surrender and open up.  Releasing attachments to past or present lovers – keeping our sexual energy fresh and clear.  Heart-clearing meditation.  Moving stuck energy/emotions with Movement Medicine.


Upgrading our nutrition & body product choices – with hormone-friendly recipes for both. Addressing menstrual/reproductive health issues – eg painful periods, infertility, chronic bacterial/yeast infections, fibroids, cysts, vaginal dryness, uterine fatigue, etc  Personal yoni steaming & menstrual health assessment – plus steaming protocol and meditation.  Inner Smile/Body Love meditation.


Toning vaginal, core and pelvic floor muscles.  Identifying the emotional causes of our pelvic tension points.  Yoni egg practices for prolapse & incontinence. Daily yoni egg routine for yoni health maintenance.  Core-strengthening exercises.  Pelvic yoga.  Yoni weightlifting.


Exploration of our Pleasure Zones and our bodies’ capacity for the deepest states of pleasure, relaxed arousal and orgasm.  Redefining the “goal” of sexual experience.  Yoni wand play.  Female Ejaculation/Squirting.  Breasts & Pleasure. Nature Awareness.  Sensual Meditation.


Exploration of sexual energy as creative, life-force energy.  Microcosmic Orbit – earning how to sense, move and direct sexual energy to heal and create our best lives.  Harvesting our Ovarian, creative life-force energy.  Appreciation & Visionary Journalling.  Orgasmic Manifestation.

Monthly Zoom Calls & Whatsapp group

There will be a monthly Zoom call held at the end of each module (taking part is optional, but highly beneficial – and fun too!) – giving us a chance to connect with one another whilst we review that month’s material and then following wherever that naturally leads us from there.

I will also create a Whatsapp group for us all to be able to share, ask questions & connect – helping to create a real sense of community as we take this journey together.

I loved all the modules. My whole world opened up. My favourite part was connecting on the monthly zoom calls.


Is This For Me?

  • If you would like to let go of pelvic tension, pain and stress…
  • If you would like to prevent/improve stress incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse…
  • If you feel it is time you let go of unwanted memories and sexual trauma, guilt and shame…
  • If you would like to tone and strengthen your core and pelvic muscles…
  • If you would like to upgrade your food and body product choices and start to love and look after your body more…
  • If you would like to improve your menstrual/reproductive health…
  • If you would like to feel more connected to your body – your sensuality and your sexuality – and how you choose to express those…
  • If you would like to redefine the “goal” of sexual experience and explore your body’s unlimited capacity for pleasure…
  • If you would like to explore and open to pleasure in all areas of life…
  • If you are ready to drop victim consciousness and take full responsibility for your life and all that you attract to it…
  • If you would like to appreciate your life more and learn to see beauty in all that surrounds you…
  • If you would like to relax more and have more fun…
  • If you would like to drop your judgements of yourself and others and step into a life of freedom and unlimited expansion…
  • If you would like to learn how to use your sexual energy to manifest your dream life…
  • If you are ready to give up the illusion of separation and discover the all-encompassing truth of who you really are…
  • And particularly for you if you are at the beginning of your sexual healing journey and are looking for a gentle, guided experience, full of compassion, support and understanding.


If you have answered Yes! to any of the above… then YES! this programme is a great fit for you!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Hope you are all enjoying the course as much as I am. WOW, so much healing and revealing. Today I did some de-armouring and it was deep, deep work. I loved the meditation - it was so powerful. The pace and flow of this work brings up much in the subtlest of ways. Juliet, your work is amazing, thank you!


I found the Yoni Vitality Programme when I had already done a lot of work on tapping into my sexuality. It was a nice addition to what I had already learned and gave many tools and practices to draw from. I like that it is a holistic approach to female sexuality.


Yes!  I Am Ready To Reclaim My Yoni Vitality!

Join us by clicking on either button below – Early Bird Pricing until midnight on TUESDAY, 2ND JULY 2024 and Full Pricing any time before midnight on MONDAY, 8TH JULY 2024 – and get ready to embrace increased health, joy, pleasure and connection!

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Full Pricing



Registration closes at midnight, Monday 8th July 2024


  • Lifetime Discount – of 10% off all yoni eggs, yoni wands, yoni steaming herbs, yoni pearls, etc – from (excluding shipping costs)
  • Yoni Love 101 Chart – a beautiful wall chart PDF reminding us how to show our yonis more love on a daily basis!
  • Comparison of Benefits Of Holistic Sexual Practices Chart – choose the best practice(s) for your own unique needs.
  • Unlimited personal access to me for any help or advice for the duration of the programme.
Dive In
Full Pricing - Payment Plan


$135 x 2 months

Registration closes at midnight, Monday, 8th July 2024


  • Lifetime Discount – of 10% off all yoni eggs, yoni wands, yoni steaming herbs, yoni pearls, etc – from (excluding shipping costs)
  • Yoni Love 101 Chart – a beautiful wall chart PDF reminding us how to show our yonis more love on a daily basis!
  • Comparison of Benefits Of Holistic Sexual Practices Chart – choose the best practice(s) for your own unique needs.
  • Unlimited personal access to me for any help or advice for the duration of the programme.
Dive In

In case you still have questions…

Do I need a partner to take part in any of the practices shared in the programme?

Absolutely not. This programme is about nurturing your relationship to your own sexuality and, as a result, all of the practices are designed to be done solo. You can, of course, incorporate what you are learning into your relationship with a partner, if you have one – but this is optional, not essential.

Do I need a yoni egg or yoni wand before I join the programme?

Not necessarily. You may find that you already own these – and are still not sure how to work with them – and I can definitely help you there!  Some of the exercises will require one or other of these items – but whilst it is preferable if you do have one or both of them, you can still follow along with the meditations without them.

Are the trauma release practices contained in this membership a substitute for conventional trauma therapy?

They are not intended as that, although I personally have found the practices I teach to be very good at releasing my own trauma. But it really depends on the depth of the trauma and on the person experiencing it. Some people will let go of stored trauma more easily than others – and I am always ready to refer out if someone needs additional support.  If you already feel that this is you, please feel free to ask me for suggestions of where you might find such support.

Are the self-care practices designed to be a substitute for conventional medical care?

They are not intended as that. They are intended for educational purposes only – following which you may choose if you wish to implement them for dealing with your own sexual health issues – or not. Or you can consult with a good Naturopath, Functional Medicine doctor or Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor – particularly if you have any major cause for concern. I am not a huge fan of the majority of the conventional medical industry however – hence my preference for the doctors I DO recommend. The tools and practices suggested here are also my recommendations for keeping our sexual health in the best shape possible – prevention always being better than cure.

Is there any age limit for joining this programme?

I would only encourage girls who have already started menstruating to join this programme, not before. And obviously, this also depends on the girl herself – studying material like this is a very individual choice. Having said that, I do feel it could provide a very sound sexual self-care education for young girls/women – something that is sorely lacking in our schools today. As for an upper age limit… there is absolutely none! The wider a mix of ages and the more wise elders we can welcome into this programme, the better!

How long do I need to go through each week's material?

I understand everyone has busy lives and so I aim to try and keep the time needed to spend on the material to about 60 minutes maximum per week.  AND if you can only manage 20-30 minutes per week, benefit can still be gained by that.  My current daily self-care routine takes about an hour – but if I am pushed for time half an hour works well too!  So even if this is your total weekly quota, it’s certainly a lot better than nothing.  So don’t be put off – baby steps are good!

Why is the material drip-fed in the programme?

Very simply – to avoid overwhelm! When I buy a course, I really like to have all of the material accessible in one go – so I can get an overview of it all first and then go through it at my own pace afterwards. But with a long programme, this can obviously be completely overwhelming.   Releasing a whole whack of content in one go is likely to have most people running for the hills!  An easy, calm flow of information is what we are aiming for here, not a tsunami!  Dripping out the content also makes it possible to run monthly Zoom calls, discussing that month’s content specifically – which keeps thing tighter and more focussed.

Will I have lifetime access to the material?

Yes, you will.  As well as to any updates I may make to the material in the future (about which you will be automatically notified by email).

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

No, I don’t. I have poured my love and expertise into this material – and have been as clear as possible about what will be included. I have also made it as affordable as possible (I live in South Africa and wanted to create a programme that is more in line with the economy here – buying dollar-based products can be quite a stretch for us!) – and with the volume of content that it covers, it really is excellent value for money.

How often does the programme open for registration?

Only twice a year. If you don’t want to join now but would possibly like to at a later stage, then make sure you are on the mailing list to be kept informed when the programme opens again. Go to to sign up.

Will there be a way to ask questions or to get help and advice as I work through the material?

Yes. I will be creating a private Whatsapp group for everyone to join (although you can choose to opt out of this if you would like to).  Asking questions and sharing experiences together via this forum can be enormously helpful for all of the women involved and helps to nurture a real sense of community between us all. I will also be active on this group, so I can answer your questions too..

You are also welcome to ask questions on the monthly Zoom calls if you would like to – or you can email me personally using the Support button above.

If there is a technical glitch, what do I do?

Just click on the Support button to the top right of the Home page. That will bring you to a Contact Form – complete and send – and once we receive this, someone will assist you as soon as possible.