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…for joining Breast Love 101!  You will shortly receive a confirmation of your purchase via email.  Access to the programme will open on Tuesday, 21st December 2021 and, from that date, you can login using the password you set up during the registration process (if purchased via or you will be sent your login details manually within 24 hours (if purchased via  The subsequent weeks’ material will unlock every following Tuesday until the end of the course.

I hope you will gain much benefit from the course and I so look forward to meeting you in the programme 🙂


You can also expect another email, within the next 48 hours, giving you your unique discount code for an ongoing 10% discount on all products in my Yoni Eggs online shop.  You will also receive the schedule for the Zoom calls connected to this course.

If you run into any technical issues or have any questions about your account, please fill out the contact form on the Support page.  For questions about the course content – or to share your experiences – I would encourage you to join the Breast Love 101 Private Gab Group where myself or other course participants will be able to help you.  If you are not comfortable doing that, or aren’t a Gab user (whom I have selected over Facebook as I prefer their freedom of speech and lack of censorship/personal data collection policies), then again, please direct your questions to me via the Support page.