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  • “As someone who works in the field of trauma healing, I am very aware of how important it is to go slowly and build a good, strong foundation that can be deeply healing when doing this kind of work. Juliet’s Yoni Vitality programme does this beautifully, starting slowly and gently, laying the groundwork for doing the deep healing work later on.”  (Megan)
  • “This course has been a beautiful guiding foundation on my journey of deepening connection with myself. I love that we can move at our own pace and revisit sections. I’ve especially enjoyed the breast massage techniques, de-armouring insights and the tangible results that come with each practical exercise.” (Montana)
  • “Yoni Vitality programme has an in depth approach – the different teachings and practises Juliet offers in the program are a wealth of knowledge. In a gentle way they have guided me in the process of feeling more connected to my body, releasing old baggage and blocks and making room for new energy and spark. Juliet is very committed and supportive, giving personal advice when needed. I love the programme and continue to implement the practices in my daily life. So grateful for Juliet’s teachings!”  (Anne)
  • “Hope you are all enjoying the course as much as I am. WOW, so much healing and revealing. Today I did some de-armouring and it was deep, deep work. I loved the meditation – it was so powerful. The pace and flow of this work brings up much in the subtlest of ways. Juliet, your work is amazing, thank you!”  (Annette)