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Women Sharing Women’s Medicine – For Empowerment, Radiance & Vitality

  • Do you believe that we, as women, need to learn and share more respectful, holistic and effective ways of healing our sexual health issues than the ones offered by mainstream medicine?
  • Do you believe that we can access such healing methods by tapping into ancient wisdom and folk medicine traditions?
  • Do you have an affinity for herbs and the wisdom and healing that they hold?  Would you like to explore that further and work with herbs on a daily basis?
  • Do you feel excited at the thought of sharing body- and sex-positive education with women of all ages?
  • Do you understand the need for nurturing and celebrating our female bodies and everything that can go right with them?
  • Do you already work with women in some capacity and are you looking to expand your work into the realm of sexual health and the journey and insight and empowerment it offers us on both a physical and emotional level?
  • Do you feel yourself being called at this time to create your own heart-centred business, working with women at this deepest, most vulnerable, sacred and intimate level?

If you have answered YES to any of the above, then training to become a certified Yoni Vitality Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitator is a great place to start.

My name is Juliet Terblanche and I have been working in the field of women’s sexuality for over 8 years now.  Over that time not only have I embarked upon a major (ongoing) sexual healing journey of my own (both physical and emotional), but I have also delighted in helping other women to follow theirs.  It is such a deeply rewarding niche to find myself working in and I honestly cannot think of anywhere else I would rather spend my time and energy.

Women’s Sexual Health – Misunderstood & Mistreated

Women’s sexual health is one of the biggest areas of conventional medicine – and, unfortunately, one of the most misunderstood and abused.  Sadly resulting in mistreatment at best – and maltreatment at worst.  The depths and intricacies of women’s sexual health – and the connection this particular area of health has to some very intense emotions – are either completely unknown by the mainstream medical industry, or are totally disregarded.  And for all the usual reasons of course… just follow the money.

I also don’t believe that a fully empowered population of women is really what the “powers that be” actually want to see.  A sexually-empowered woman is a force of nature!  And for those who don’t understand this level of consciousness – and its benefit to all – sadly that feels threatening.

(Special note – please understand that I am not anti-mainstream medicine per se.  When used correctly – and sparingly – drugs and surgery save lives, and I am certainly grateful that these options exist.  There are also some awesome functional medicine, naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors out there – some of whom I know and work with personally – and I have nothing but respect for them and the work that they do.  What I am against is the abuse of medication and surgery to treat symptoms (and make dollars), rather than looking at root causes – with such abuse just leading to even greater problems further down the line.  Which, unfortunately, is the state of the majority of mainstream medicine as things currently stand).

But until we stop trying to numb, cut out or quick-fix/medicate women’s symptoms –  diving deeper into the root causes instead and then treating the whole person by gentle, but powerful, natural means – women’s sexual health will remain a very sorry state of affairs.

Turning this around is something I care passionately about.  Enough is enough.  We need to connect to our ancient wisdom – to each learn how to listen to our own inner wise woman – and, for those of us who feel called to do so, help other women awaken their own inner wisdom as well.

In other words, to step away from looking for someone to “treat” us – and, instead, to arm ourselves with the tools and practices we need to heal ourselves – and keep ourselves healthy.  This training programme provides the information and guidelines around using such tools and practices – as well as showing how these can be introduced to other women so they can also take back control of their own sexual health.

Wow the course surpassed my expectations! It was such a full 15-week journey filled with precious (and lost) feminine knowledge & wisdom. I love how thorough and well informed the yoni steaming and yoni eggs/wands protocols were. Juliet's expertise and long time personal experience is clearly reflected in this course. Upon completion, I feel confident to start working with clients and I'm excited to keep exploring on my own sexual wellness journey. Thank you Juliet for sharing this powerful medicine with the world!


The Importance Of Sexual Health

Not many people realise that great sexual health – and its connection to our sexuality in general – is the foundation for leading an inspired, energised, juicy and turned-on life.  Our sexual energy is our life-force energy/creative energy – and strong sexual/life-force/creative energy goes hand-in-hand with strong sexual health.

Not only will looking after our sexual health naturally improve our sexual experiences, but when our sexual health and its relationship to our sexuality is strong, we are also able to step into our role as the powerful creators that we are.  We are able to manifest any new creation – from a new job to a new home to a new baby – with so much more ease than when our sexual health is compromised and the relationship to our sexuality, fragmented.

We also show up in our lives in our entirety – we are no longer rejecting any part of ourselves by treating our sexual health – and sexuality – as a taboo subject.  As a result, we are then fully present and able to live our best lives.

We also stop undermining the sacredness of our sexual health by trying to “quick fix” it with pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.

Instead, we are prepared and able to look after our own sexual health and happiness using gentle, but effective, holistic tools and practices to do so – tools and practices that take into account the whole of our beings, not just our physical bodies.

The good news is that more and more women are starting to make the connection between all of these aspects of our human female existence – and are curious to explore further.

Spreading The Word

So yes, naturally, the word is out!  Women intuitively recognise and respond to ancient healing wisdom – and are always keen to share this with each other.  As well as to understand how they can implement this wisdom in their own lives.  And so, the demand for learning more about these practices has never been greater.

One of the best things about being a woman, in my opinion, is the way we communicate with each other.  There is nothing like a deep, open-hearted conversation with our best girlfriend(s) to gain clarity, love and support for whatever it is we might be going through at the time.  Often accompanied by a good, healthy dose of humour too!  At moments like these, I am seldom closer to feeling the priceless beauty of being alive.

So it stands to reason that when we are experiencing sexual health or happiness issues, turning to other women who are trained to give the best advice and support in this field is a natural thing for us to do.

Hence my desire to pass on the knowledge – to other women, for other women – that I have gained by working in natural health for the past 10 years and holistic female sexual wellness for the past 8 years.

Because I can’t possibly reach everyone on my own.  And, even if that were physically possible, every woman has their own unique tribe that only they can reach – at least, in a way that will be heard, anyway.

So here it is.  My Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitator training programme.  Women’s medicine – by women, for women.

The Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitator training course has been an absolute game-changer for me. It not only provided a structured approach but also enhanced my understanding of how to elevate my practice and better serve my clients. Beyond professional growth, it became a transformative journey of self-discovery. The support offered throughout was exceptional, guiding me to create a personalised herb mix utilising locally available ingredients—a truly magical experience. Overall, this course has been mind-blowing, enriching both my professional skills and personal growth in ways I never imagined.


Why Herbs & Herbal Medicine?

I have been interested in herbs and herbal medicine ever since the mid-nineties, when I was battling adult acne and used herbs and herbal teas in order to regain my hormonal balance again and clear up my skin.  Through this journey I started to learn a lot about nutrition and holistic health practices and this eventually led me to opening a health shop, becoming a trained raw food nutritionist and – eventually, in 2015 – to start specialising in women’s sexual health and wellbeing.

In 2012, I learned about Traditional Chinese Medicine – and discovered reishi mushrooms, along with other medicinal mushrooms, growing on the farm we live on, here in South Africa.  And so, my husband and I started to produce a range of medicinal mushroom teas and tinctures, using these herbal forest treasures – and African Forest Medicinals was born!

Then in 2016, I came across yoni steaming for the first time – and was totally blown away by the incredible effectiveness and power of this simple women’s traditional medicine.  Yoni steaming is a practice that it is a clear intention of mine to try and introduce to as many of those who are working with women as possible – as a far more effective – and far less risky – alternative healing practice for so many women’s reproductive health issues.

More recently, I have been introduced to yoni pearls – small balls of Chinese medicinal herbs that impart a more intense (yet not quite as deep) dose of herbal medicine into the vagina/womb, than yoni steaming does.  Combining the 2 modalities together, particularly when using them alongside various clearing meditations, has proved to be a very effective way of using them, as well as allowing us to reap the different benefits of them both too.

I would like to thank you for this opportunity. I have learned a lot . I came into this course with zero information, thinking yoni steaming herbs are used on a one- size-fits-all basis. Now I know everyone is different and that you can match a blend that is suitable for each particular client. The course content was informative, I really got a lot out of it and I am confident now to start my spa! God bless you for the beautiful work you are doing.


What Will I Learn?

This programme covers the major aspects of herbal yoni medicine, including the ancient practice of yoni steaming – when & when not to steam, steaming set-ups, steaming protocols and how to assess different women’s needs in order to design a steaming programme tailored for them personally.   It also includes an extensive section on creating your own herbal blends to suit different sexual health issues.

In addition, we cover using yoni tea blends and yoni pearls – both of which are invaluable herbal allies for addressing the same issues as steaming does, albeit it from a slight different angle.  All of the herbal blends you create can be used for your own clients or to supply to other health outlets.

Added to this herbal medicine knowledge, is a super important section on correct womb care and connection, where we learn how we can work with the seasons of our Infradian rhythm throughout the entire month.  And also, how understanding, preparing for and taking care of ourselves during our monthly moontime, enables us to reap the incredibly powerful benefits of our monthly bleed – appreciating it for the sacred time of rest, release and renewal it actually is.

Through the use of these ancient practices, as well as by incorporating some basic yoni eggs and yoni de-armouring exercises, I have seen women move mountains as they have awakened their own healing and improved both their sexual health and happiness.  And we’re talking long-lasting improvements at that – all with zero side-effects.

All of which is such empowering knowledge – knowledge that helps us keep these ancient women’s healing practices alive and working their magic, hopefully for generations to come… This is priceless wisdom and there has never been a more important time in our evolution to preserve it and pass it on.

The course material was exceptionally clear and straightforward for me to comprehend. I found immense value in rewatching the videos, and I even took the initiative to print the PDFs, allowing me to revisit and absorb the content more comfortably. This multi-dimensional approach to accessing the material greatly enhanced my learning experience and made the course content more accessible and enjoyable. The thoroughness and clarity across all sections of the training were impressive. I was so captivated by the course that I've become an affiliate and enthusiastically promote it to my clients.


So who am I and why should you trust me to accompany you on this journey?

The very simple answer to that is that I am just like many other women – someone who has realised the vital importance of looking after my own sexual health and happiness.

But I am also a woman who has realised the vast limitations of the accepted “norms” of conventional female sexual healthcare – and I am on a mission to spread the word about a plethora of alternative holistic methods of addressing our sexual health issues – methods that women have used for aeons and that address the whole of who we are as women – as well as bringing effective, long-lasting results.

To give you a bit more detail… I have been running my company Yoni Eggs, here in South Africa, since the end of 2015.

Over that time I have carried out extensive study and research into women’s sexual health, as well as being on my own sexual healing journey. I have given talks on holistic sexual health here in South Africa and also in the UK, as well as exhibiting and giving talks from my Woman Zone stand at SpiritFest, the South African yoga festival, for the past 3 festivals.  And, of course, I have sold hundreds of yoni eggs, yoni wands and yoni steaming herbs to hundreds of women in the process.

I have also helped guide and counsel many women on their own journeys of sexual discovery & healing over this time and have launched several online programmes – my Breast Love 101 holistic breast care course; my Amrita Journey – a deep dive into G-spot exploration and female ejaculation; and my Yoni Vitality programme – my signature guide to sexual health and happiness for individual women ready to explore this subject online, in their own time.

And, as already mentioned, prior to starting Yoni Eggs, I owned a health shop and studied holistic health and became a certified raw food nutritionist. I have had an interest in holistic health for many years and, as also already mentioned, my husband and I produce a range of medicinal mushroom teas and tinctures, with mushrooms wild-harvested from our Knysna Forest farm.

I am a firm believer that all disease can be prevented and healed using a combination of the right nutrition, natural remedies and emotional balancing. And I am passionate about bringing awareness of this kind of holistic approach to the arena of women’s sexual health. I don’t believe the answers to such health issues need to be complicated, costly nor invasive – and I am committed to showing women there is another –  better – way of doing things.

I also understand the importance of self-nurture – and how good I feel when I make this a non-negotiable part of my own life. I’m not perfect at doing so – often I still get lost in the whirlwind of my own busy-ness – but such moments only serve to further reinforce for me the importance of self-care and time out.

I have had my own experience of dealing with fibrocystic breast disease, bladder/pelvic pain, adrenal fatigue, PCOS and post-menopausal fatigue – and have learned (and am still learning) how to navigate the tricky waters of sexual trauma.

I know the Self-realisation that can occur through exploration of our deepest states of pleasure – and am an avid student of doing just that!  I appreciate the massive implications of all women waking up to this knowing – and am passionate about bringing that message to as many women as possible.

I have learned a lot on my journey so far, but at the same time I offer what I know to you with the utmost humility and openness for us to embark upon this training journey together, learning from each other as we go.

I found the course to be a thorough and comprehensive dive into ways we can support women's sexual health. It covers many ways we can approach menstrual and fertility issues in a holistic way, while increasing connection and care for our own bodies in the process. I appreciated Juliet's personal support during the course as well - knowing I could ask any questions at any time. Thank you so much for putting such a wealth of information together in a way that I found to be clear and concise.


And who am I not?

I am a mentor and an educator.  And a very good one too 🙂

But I don’t promise to be all things to all people.  That’s impossible.

So rest assured that I also make it very clear during this programme that if something comes up for a client that feels too big or too complex for you to handle, then “referring out” to a good functional medicine doctor, naturopath, Traditional Chinese Doctor, energy healer or trauma specialist (or to whoever else feels appropriate or useful) is definitely something I recommend.

And what can I teach you about in order for you to be able to help other women?

  • Yoni steaming, yoni eggs and yoni wands – how they work and how they can be applied in a holistic health setting
  • Common sexual/reproductive health issues – how to identify them, what their root causes are and holistic ways of dealing with them
  • The healing power of herbs for holistic sexual health care – as yoni steams, yoni teas & yoni pearls – and how to make your own highly effective and well-balanced blends
  • Deep Womb Detox/Cleansing
  • Body- and Sex-Positive education
  • Nutritional and body/home care product upgrades for hormonal balance
  • Pelvic muscle strengthening exercises
  • Pelvic relaxation exercises
  • Conscious Womb Connection/Womb Love – working with the Infradian rhythm & Moontime care
  • Pleasure education and exercises
  • Basic sexual trauma release
  • Basic yoni de-armouring practices
  • Holistic breast and heart care
  • The business side of holistic sexual wellness – how to apply this knowledge and set up your own yoni steaming wellness spa, online holistic sexual wellness consultancy or as a yoni steaming herbs/yoni pearls/yoni-womb tea supplier.

Monthly Zoom calls will be held in order to review the previous month’s material, as an opportunity to ask any questions that may have arisen for you and for us all to connect as the programme progresses.  These are such a beautiful part of the programme and present an incredible opportunity to learn and share from each other.

Upon successful completion of the self-assessment, case studies, final exam and programme feedback survey, you will be issued with a certificate qualifying you as a Yoni Vitality Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitator.  You will also receive a beautiful, full-colour, digital copy of the Training Manual, containing all of the training material PDF’s (that you can also print out if you prefer to have a hard copy at hand).

This course went over and above my expectations. Juliet has profound knowledge on women's health regarding sexual wellness. She comes from a heart-centred space with a passion and vision to make sure this work reaches every woman! She provides a space that feels safe to share literally anything! Working with Juliet has been a privilege and I feel more than equipped to deal with different scenarios that may occur as she equips you with the information but more importantly the understanding of what could occur. This work has had an impact on my personal journey and has been the missing link to weaving my work together. I am grateful to have been guided by such an authentic goddess who truly embodies the power of the feminine.

Mary-Ann Illing, Womb Space & Embodiment Mentor

It’s Your Journey Too

As you will see, this programme always encourages you to try all of the practices yourself before you share them with others.  Sharing from our own personal, embodied experience is such a vital part of this work.

I also always approach all of my work and interactions with clients and students with “Beginner’s Mind”…  In other words, what can I learn and apply to my own sexual health journey from what I am sharing with others – and what they are sharing with me?  And, I have gained so much knowledge and wisdom in this way 🙂  So, whilst this programme is predominantly to show you how you can use these holistic tools and practices to help other women, and regardless of where you are on your own personal sexual health journey, it will naturally also take you down your own path of self-discovery as well.  So I would urge you to be open to that – there is a lot to gain here on a personal, as well as on a professional, level. 

Content-Rich – But Affordable

As you know by now, I am based in South Africa – and buying online courses at international prices simply isn’t an option for many people here.  As a result, I always keep my course prices as affordable as I can – and this course is no exception to that.

However – please do not equate a lower price tag with assuming that the material contained within this course is anything but top-notch.  It is an extremely content-rich course, with high quality information that will empower you to help catalyse lasting change in many women’s lives – as well as creating a heart-based, location-independent business for yourself.  And, if you are outside of South Africa, then please enjoy this course at the same price – and I hope that the lower-than-average cost makes doing that more possible for you too.

So, how do I join?

You can join the Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitator Training Programme by way of an Early Bird payment between now and midnight on Monday 11th March – or a Full Price payment between Tuesday 12th March and midnight on Thursday 28th March.   

♥ ♥ ♥

Upon registration, you will be given access to an introduction and overview of the programme’s different chapters, as well as the first week’s content and any sign-up bonuses you qualify for too. 

♥ ♥ ♥

The second chapter will be released to you the following week.  The idea of dripping the content in a steady, consistent manner like this is to make every week’s tools and practices easy to digest and take in – and to avoid overwhelm at all costs!

♥ ♥ ♥

An assessment of each chapter’s material will be included at the end of that chapter.   It is recommended to keep up with these assessments as they will help prepare you for the final examination at the end of the programme.  You can repeat each one as often as you would like to.  

♥ ♥ ♥

During the programme there will be 2 integration weeks – following Week 5 and Week 10.  These provide a great opportunity to catch up if you have fallen behind – plus they create a spaciousness that allows you to spend more time on the practices being taught and to more fully and completely integrate what you are learning.

♥ ♥ ♥

The material will cover working with yoni steaming, yoni pearls, yoni herbal teas, yoni eggs and yoni wands.  In addition, there will be a chapter on how Traditional Chinese Medicine views the menstrual cycle, as well as one covering the Infradian rhythm and proper womb & moontime care and connection.  You will need to pass the final (open-book) exam and complete 3 different case studies in order to be certified at the end of the programme.  The material also covers nutrition and lifestyle, as well as a chapter on the business side of Holistic Sexual Wellness – essential material and pointers to help set you up for however you choose to use your newfound knowledge going forward.  

♥ ♥ ♥

The long-term intention for this programme is to create a solid foundation of holistic sexual wellness practices -physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – that you can use in a variety of different settings – eg a yoni steaming spa, via your own online holistic sexual wellness consultancy and/or perhaps producing yoni steam, yoni pearl and yoni tea blends.  Alternatively you may simply add what you learn here to the existing framework within which you already work with women.

♥ ♥ ♥

However you choose to apply what you learn, the information contained here will serve to help you to assess the needs of your clients and fine-tune a holistic sexual wellness programme to suit them personally.  And, in doing so, to empower and enable them to create and maintain top sexual health and happiness, from which they can live their best lives.

♥ ♥ ♥

A Taste Of Each Chapter…

Chapter 1 - Introduction - Holistic Sexual Wellness Programme & Yoni Steaming
  • Introduction & Overview of Programme
  • History of Yoni Steaming
  • How Does Yoni Steaming Work?
  • Anatomy of Yoni Steaming
  • Personal Yoni Steaming Assessment By Me
Chapter 2 - Yoni Steaming - Essentials
  • Contraindications For Steaming
  • Identifying Sensitive Users
  • Steaming Set-Ups – Mild, Advanced, Cloaking
  • What To Expect After Yoni Steaming
Chapter 3 - Yoni Steaming Process & Protocols
  • How To Steam – A Step-By-Step Guide
  • Maintenance & Advanced Steaming Protocols
  • When To Refer Out
Chapters 4 & 5 - Herb Selection & Blending
  • Choosing The Best Formula For Each Woman
  • Blending The Four Basic Formulas
  • Herb  Properties For Steaming Blends – Chart
Chapter 6 - Menstrual Cycle Awareness - Reading The Period
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine & The Menstrual Cycle
  • Reading The Period – How To Determine Menstrual Health
  • Common Causes Of Menstrual Cycle Imbalances
  • Necessary Components For Healthy Menstruation
  • Holistic Modalities For Healthy Menstruation


Chapter 7 - Menstrual Cycle Awareness - Womb Love
  • Setting The Stage For A Healthy Period
  • Recipes For Radiant Sexual Health
  • Relaxation Exercises For Pelvic Pain
  • Conscious Womb Connection-Womb Love Meditation
  • Working With Our Infradian Rhythm/Seasons Of Our Monthly Cycle
  • Magical Moontime – A Sacred Time Of Rest, Release & Renewal


Chapter 8 - Emotional Healing
  • Yoni Steaming Womb Clearing Meditation
  • Heart-Clearing Meditation
  • Safety & Our Sexual Health/Sexuality
  • Types & Signs Of Sexual Trauma
  • Finding Value In Trauma
  • Releasing Sexual Trauma Meditation
  • Calming & Nourishing The Nervous System
  • Making & Using Flower Essences For Emotional Healing
  • Loving Touch Meditation
  • The Power Of Yoni Gazing
  • Dealing With Deep Trauma Release
Chapter 9 - Using Yoni Teas
  • Basics Of Yoni Tea Blending
  • Herbs For Women’s Sexual Health – A Guide To Their Actions & Energetics
  • Recipes – Yoni Vitality Tea Blends
  • Using Personal & Current Energetics When Selecting Herbal Teas
Chapter 10 - Using Yoni Pearls
  • How Yoni Pearls Work
  • Contraindications
  • Yoni Pearls vs Yoni Steaming
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Yoni Pearls
  • Western Herbal Yoni Pearls
  • Deep Womb Detox/Cleansing
Chapter 11 - Using Yoni Eggs
  • Benefits Of A Yoni Egg Practice
  • Contraindications
  • Assessing The Pelvic Floor Muscles – Strength & Flexibility
  • Choosing The Right Yoni Egg
  • Yoni Egg Set-Up & Preparation
  • Yoni Egg Exercises
  • Guided Yoni Egg Practice
  • Yoni Eggs For Trauma Release
  • Yoni Breathing
  • Yoni Weightlifting Basics
Chapter 12 - Using Yoni Wands
  • Yoni Wands – Uses & Benefits
  • Contraindications
  • Choosing The Right Yoni Wand
  • Yoni Wands For Trauma Release
  • Preparing For A De-Armouring Session
  • Sexual Reflexology Of The Vagina
  • Cervical De-Armouring
  • Emotional Causes Of Pelvic Tension
  • Discover Your Orgasmic Map/Pleasure Zones
  • Slowing Down & Relaxed Arousal
  • Pleasure In All Its Guises – The Importance Of Regular Pleasure Breaks
Chapter 13 - Advanced Diet & Lifestyle Protocols For Common Sexual Health Issues
  • Dietary, Supplementation & Lifestyle protocols for some of the most common sexual health issues including PCOS/ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, infertility, pelvic organ prolapse, UTI’s, chronic infections, depression, urinary incontinence, birth trauma & menopausal imbalances.
  • A Guide To Using Urine Therapy
  • A Guide To Using Castor Oil Packs
Chapter 14 - The Business Of Holistic Sexual Wellness
  • The Importance Of Personal Experience & Sharing From The Heart – The Essence Of Women’s Medicine
  • Setting Up A Yoni Steaming Spa/Mobile Service
  • Making Your Own Steaming Stools
  • Steaming Stool & Sauna Contacts
  • Creating Client Intake Forms
  • Products & Pricing
  • Attracting Clients
  • Indemnity Statements & Liability Insurance
  • Scope Of Practice
  • Creating A Referral Database
  • Client Confidentiality
  • Code Of Ethics & Etiquette
  • Case Study Requirements For Certification
Chapter 15 - Certification

The Yoni Vitality Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitator Certificate and printable, digital Training Manual will be issued to you upon completion of:-

  • Submission of 3 Individual Case Studies
  • Final Exam
  • Training Programme Feedback Survey


I have recently completed the Women’s Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitator training with Juliet and am blown away by the benefits and treatment possibilities that yoni steaming has to offer. I’d steamed intuitively for years but lacked an understanding of the power and potency of varying herbal blends and the correct protocols to use for different people. I absolutely LOVE raving about practitioners I’ve found that are great at what they do and Juliet is one of those people. Her breadth of knowledge and wisdom born of many years of practising is evident from the moment you join the course. I was pleasantly surprised at the magnitude of content available as well as by Juliet’s genuine care and authenticity. I truly felt (AND STILL FEEL) held and supported by Juliet and know that I can reach out to her at any time if I’m not sure about something within my new steaming practice.

Vanessa Beauchamp - Let's Get Steamy

Is This For Me?

  • If you are looking to create a heart-based business – one that contributes to the health of this world in a truly holistic way…
  • If you are feeling called to work more closely with women’s sexual health in a holistic capacity – as an add-on to your existing work, or as a newer calling in your life…
  • If you are keen to get more closely involved with working with women within your own community or town/area, perhaps opening a yoni steaming spa or offering further post-partum support in your work as a doula…
  • If you are keen to share with other women, the depth of insight and empowerment that working with our sexual health offers to us, on both a physical and emotional level…
  • If you already work with women as a midwife, doula, gynaecologist, naturopath, integrative doctor, alternative medicine therapist, women’s group facilitator, women’s wellness advocate, massage therapist or spa owner and wish to deepen your knowledge base to include working with women’s sexual health in a holistic way…
  • If you love the natural world and are feeling called to explore the ancient wisdom and healing power of our herbal allies…
  • If you are looking to expand your interest in women’s health and create a heart-based online business, not subject to any future lockdown restrictions (heaven forbid!) and able to reach women all over the world, from wherever YOU are in the world…
  • If you would like to learn and be able to offer new skills in one of the fastest-growing health and wellness niches at this time…
  • If you love the company of other women and are passionate about helping them live a much more body- and sex-positive experience…

In fact, if you answered yes to any of the above, then YES, you and your clients stand to benefit enormously from you doing this programme!

♥ ♥ ♥

Yes!  I Am Ready To Help Other Women Reclaim Holistic Sexual Health & Happiness

Join us by clicking on either button below – Early Bird Pricing until midnight on MONDAY 11TH MARCH and then Regular Pricing any time before midnight on THURSDAY 28TH MARCH – and embark upon a new career path, bringing back the healing power of herbs and holistic wellness practices to the world of women’s sexual health 💖 


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  • Lifetime access to the Holistic Sexual Wellness Coach training programme, including all and any future updates.
  • Wholesale account – buy all yoni eggs, yoni wands, yoni steaming herbs & yoni pearls at wholesale prices from
  • Breast Love 101 ebook – my complete guide to holistic breast care – a perfect add-on to this programme.
  • Unlimited personal access to me for any help or advice for the duration of the programme.
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Registration closes at midnight, Thursday 28th March 2024


  • Lifetime access to the Holistic Sexual Wellness Coach training programme, including all and any future updates.
  • Wholesale account – buy all yoni eggs, yoni wands, yoni steaming herbs & yoni pearls at wholesale prices from
  • Breast Love 101 ebook – my complete guide to holistic breast care – a perfect add-on to this programme.
  • Unlimited personal access to me for any help or advice for the duration of the programme.
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In case you still have questions…

How long do I need to work through each week's material?

I understand everyone has busy lives and so I aim to try and keep the minimum time needed to spend on the material to about 2 hours per week.  Obviously, however, the more time you are able to put into this training, the better.  My suggested way to work through each week’s material is to watch/listen/read through all of it once – and then come back to each section for a deeper dive before testing your knowledge via that week’s assessment.  Assessments can be repeated as many times as you need to in order to make sure you “got it”!

Why is the material drip-fed in the programme?

Very simply – to avoid overwhelm!  This programme is very content-rich and being able to access all of the material right from the beginning can obviously be completely overwhelming.  Releasing a whole whack of content in one go is likely to have most people running for the hills!  A calm flow of information, that is easy to take in and retain is what we are aiming for here, not a tsunami!  Dripping out the content also makes the monthly Zoom calls more focussed as we discuss just that month’s content specifically.

Do I need experience of these tools & practices in order to do the course?

No – although if you do have such experience, this is obviously an advantage as you can bring this to your work to help others.  But if not, then you can still join – as applying the knowledge you are learning to yourself is going to be emphasised as an important part of the programme as we move through it.

Do I need to understand the basic concepts of holistic sexual health/sexuality work in order to join the programme?

This would obviously be useful – although you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t already have some idea of these concepts.  And if you are keen to learn, you will soon pick these up anyway.  If, however, you would prefer to have a more solid foundation regarding your own holistic sexual health and sexuality before joining this programme, then I would recommend signing up for my Yoni Vitality Programme when it next opens for registration.

How does this programme differ to the Yoni Vitality Programme?

My Yoni Vitality programme is a personal exploration into your own sexual health and happiness.  Whereas this programme is for those who wish to work as facilitators – and which, although it will naturally take you on your own journey as well, is more about bringing holistic sexual health & happiness tools and practices to others.

Are the holistic sexual health tools and practices taught designed to be a complete substitute for your clients to use instead of conventional medical care?

They are not intended as that. They are intended to give women the choice as to how they can look after their own sexual health in terms of dealing with a myriad of common sexual health issues.  But, as I have already said, there are times when conventional drugs and surgery save lives – so discretion always needs to be used and your client should be aware that this option is always on the table.  In any case where the health issue feels too big for the tools/practices learned here, recommending a good Functional Medicine doctor, Naturopath or Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor to your client is what I would always advise, particularly if there is any major cause for concern. I am not a huge fan of the majority of the conventional medical industry however – hence my preference for the doctors I DO recommend. The tools and practices suggested here are also my recommendations for keeping our sexual health in the best shape possible – prevention always being better than cure.  Passing these on to your clients puts that care back into their own hands, which, for the majority of the time, is the absolute best place for it to be.

Is there any age limit for joining this programme?

The programme is open to all women over the age of 18.  We all have our own unique tribe that only we can reach – so the wider a mix of ages we can welcome into this programme, the better!

Is this programme only open to women?

Yes, I only offer this programme to women who wish to work with other women.

Will I have lifetime access to the material?

Yes, you will.  As well as to any updates I may make to the material in the future (about which you will be automatically notified by email).

Is there any time limit on getting certified?

No, but I would still advise you to commit to the 15-week course as it runs, as fully as possible.  With the two integration weeks included, that is about 4 months in duration and, as with any qualification, your focussed attention during this time can only serve to cement your knowledge and enrich your experience.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

No, I don’t.  As with all my courses, I have poured my love and expertise into this material – and have been as clear as possible about what will be included. I have also made it as affordable as possible – as already explained, I live in South Africa and wanted to create a programme that is more in line with the economy here – buying dollar-based products can be quite a stretch for us.  Also, with the volume of content that it covers, and the opportunity it provides for starting an income-producing business of your own, it really is excellent value for money.

How often does the programme open for registration?

It only opens once a year.  If you aren’t ready to join now but are interested in possibly joining another year, then make sure you are on the mailing list to be kept informed once the course opens for registration again each year.  Go to to sign up.

Will there be a way to ask questions or to get help and advice as I work through the material?

Yes. I will be creating a private Whatsapp group for all students on the programme this year – which you will be invited to join once you have signed up.  Asking questions and sharing experiences together via this forum can be enormously helpful for all of the women involved. I will also be active on this group, so I can answer your questions too.

You are also welcome to ask questions on the monthly Zoom calls if you would like to – or you can email me personally using the Support button above.

If there is a technical glitch, what do I do?

Just click on the Support button to the top right of the Home page. That will bring you to a Contact Form – complete and send – and once we receive this, someone will assist you as soon as possible.