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Holistic Sexual Wellness Coach – Training Programme

Women Sharing Women’s Medicine – For Empowerment, Radiance & Vitality

  • Do you believe that we, as women, need to learn and share more respectful, holistic and effective ways of healing our sexual health issues than the ones offered by mainstream medicine?
  • Do you believe that we can access such healing methods by tapping into ancient wisdom and folk healing traditions?
  • Do you have an affinity for herbs and the wisdom and healing that they hold?  Would you like to explore that further and work with herbs on a daily basis?
  • Do you already work with women in some capacity and are looking to expand your work into the realm of sexual health and the journey and insight and empowerment it offers us on both a physical and emotional level?
  • Or are you feeling yourself called at this time to work with women at this deepest, most vulnerable, sacred and intimate level?

If so, then this training programme is a good place to start.

My name is Juliet Terblanche and I have been working in the field of women’s sexuality for nearly 6 years now.  Over that time I have not only gone on a major sexual healing journey of my own, but I have delighted in helping other women to find and follow theirs.  It is such a deeply rewarding niche to find myself working in and I honestly cannot think of anywhere else I would rather spend my time and energy.

The Importance of Sexual Health & Happiness

Reclaiming our sexual health and happiness is KEY for anyone wishing to live an empowered, juicy, turned-on life!

Which for me, means…

  • A life where we know how to look after our own sexual health, using gentle, but effective, holistic tools and practices to do so.
  • A life that is free from social conditioning around our sexuality – and where we are healed from sexual trauma, fear, guilt and shame.  Where we are deeply surrendered and able to access multi-orgasmic states and fully express our own unique, authentic sexuality.
  • A life where we understand the importance of keeping our hearts – and yonis – clear of tensions and emotional baggage and where we ensure we release these on a regular basis.
  • A life where we make healthy, positive choices for our body – what we feed it, where we take it and who we share it with.
  • A life where we spend dedicated time each day in some way nurturing and celebrating being in these incredible bodies.
  • A life where we recognise and practice radical self-responsibility for what we attract into our lives: where we know that there is a gift for us in each and every experience – and where we transcend the victim-perpetrator paradigm as a result.
  • A life where we learn to express appreciation and gratitude as second nature, finding beauty all around us – raising our vibration as we do so and consequently attracting even more beauty into our lives.
  • A life that has us standing tall and comfortable in our own skin.  Fully accepting of ourselves and others, with boundless, inspired energy to create the life of our dreams.
  • A life where we realise our own divinity – where we drop our small selves and realise our Higher Selves – and live from that knowing instead.

This is vital information for anyone to learn – and there is a portal to it all, via healing our relationship to our own sexuality.  Without such a healthy relationship, we can never be here in our totality – we are always going to be rejecting a part of ourselves.  And what a fundamental part it is too – our sexuality is how we all got here for goodness sake!  Just let that sink in for a moment and it is clear to see just how important getting into right relationship to our sexuality actually is.

Doing so not only enables us to create and live our best lives, but it also enables us to remember who we actually are – unique expressions of the Divine, having a human experience.  This is self-actualisation – which, once known, can never be unknown.  And the deepest states of sexual surrender and connection can reveal this to us.

Coaching the Lesser-Known Path

There are a lot of life coaches and mentors out there.  A lot of really good ones too.  But there is still a dearth of information/mentoring covering sexuality – what it is really about and how best to navigate and nurture it.  It’s easy to see why this is so – sexuality is such a taboo subject, one that most of us received – at best – very poor, and – at worst – very damaging, ideas about as we were growing up.   So unless a coach has specifically worked on unpacking her relationship to her own sexuality, there is very little she can share with others on the subject.  And yet…  it’s still a rather large elephant in the room!

Hence, my decision to launch my Holistic Sexual Wellness Coach For Women programme.  Aimed at women who wish to address this taboo by sharing effective sexual healing tools and practices with other women.

As I have already said, the entire course will be divided into four separate components or modules, with each one being a stand-alone certified component – so you can choose to study as many or as few components as you wish.  Starting with Module One…

Module One – Herbal Yoni Medicine

I have been interested in herbs and herbal medicine ever since the mid-nineties, when I was battling adult acne and used herbs and herbal teas in order to regain my hormonal balance again and clear up my skin.  Through this journey I started to learn a lot about nutrition and holistic health practices, eventually leading me to open a health shop, become a trained raw food nutritionist and – eventually, in 2015 – to start to specialise in women’s sexual health and wellbeing.

In 2012, I learned about Traditional Chinese Medicine – and discovered reishi mushrooms, along with other medicinal mushrooms, growing on the farm we live on, here in South Africa.  My husband and I now produce a range of medicinal mushroom teas and tinctures, using these herbal forest treasures.

And in 2016, I came across yoni steaming for the first time – and was totally blown away by the incredible effectiveness and power of this simple women’s traditional medicine.  Yoni steaming is a practice that is a clear intention of mine to try and introduce to as many of those who are working with women as possible – as a far more effective – and far less risky – alternative healing practice for so many women’s reproductive health issues.

Herbal Yoni Medicine will cover the ancient practice of yoni steaming – when & when not to steam, steaming set-ups, steaming protocols and how to assess different women’s needs in order to design a steaming programme tailored for them personally.   It will also include an extensive section on creating your own herbal blends to suit different sexual health issues.

In addition, we will cover the basics of yoni tea blends and yoni pearls – which are also invaluable herbal allies for addressing the same issues.  All of these blends can be used for your own clients or to supply to other health outlets.  Empowering knowledge that helps us keep these ancient women’s healing practices alive and working their magic, hopefully for generations to come… This is priceless wisdom and there has never been a more important time in our evolution to preserve and pass it on.

Other modules will be released in due course and will cover the following:-

  • Module 2 – Crystal Yoni Medicine – covering the use of yoni eggs and yoni wands – the role they can play in healing both our emotional and physical trauma/injury and how to best guide women in using them.   Also the creation of both crystal and flower essences – using this vibrational medicine in order to bring about our healing at the subtlest levels.
  • Module 3 – Nutritional Yoni Medicine – what we put in is what we get out!  This holds true for what we both put into our mouths – and what products we use on our bodies or in our homes.  Useful supplementation for women’s sexual health will also be covered – plus dietary protocols suggested for the most common sexual health issues women tend to face.
  • Module 4 – Breast Love Medicine – breast cancer statistics are through the roof – but by teaching some very simple, holistic breast care practices, these statistics can be turned around.  This module lays these out and makes them easy to pass on or your clients to implement.
  • Bonus Module – Supportive Yoni Medicine – covering some more miscellaneous tools and practices for radiant sexual health – eg natural ways to deal with UTI’s, parasite cleansing, interstitial cystitis, urine therapy, histamine cleansing, etc

Training is online and is complemented by monthly Zoom calls and full email support.  A certificate will be issued on the successful completion of each assessment at the end of each of the four course modules.  So you can either choose to do just one or two of the modules – or to do them all for a full, holistic set of tools for your toolbox.

Emotional health dictates physical health – hence both need to be addressed!  Different aspects of sexual health.  Releasing and clearing trauma (lists of types of trauma).  Relaxation and feeling safe.  Nurturing and physical/emotional self-care (including nutrition, rest, etc).  Toning and exercise.  Pleasure – both sexual and sensual.  Manifestation and harnessing sexual creative energy.

Ways to work with sexual health – 4 components/modules to this training – Herbal Yoni Medicine, Crystal Yoni Medicine, Nutritional Yoni Medicine, Breast Love Medicine and then also a bonus component of Supportive Yoni Medicine.  Each one is a stand-alone set of coaching skills –

Suitable for group or one-on-one sessions – and either online or in person.

deepen relationship to own sexuality, own personal transformation will naturally occur as you make your way through the programme and explore the material provided.

fastest-growing niche

online (lockdown restrictions-free) business opportunity


Why share this with other women?  To complement your existing practice/working with women in some capacity – eg midwife, doula, gynaecologists, naturopathic/integrative doctors, nurses, alternative medicine therapists, women’s group facilitators, women’s wellness advocates, massage therapists, spa owners etc.  Or perhaps you are feeling called to start working with women following redundancy or need for a career change due to the lockdown restrictions of the past year (the ability to work online means that you can sidestep all of these).  Whatever your reason, just know that this kind of work is sooooo needed at this time!  And that more and more women are realising this – hence the massive growth in this particular sector of health at this time.  It’s a very exciting time to get involved in a very exciting niche – one that holds untold potential for personal transformation, growth and empowerment on every level.

tincture making too?  Stephen harold buhner and susun weed????  Order Kimberley Gallagher’s herbal aphrodisiac book too – and use as inspiration for some fun recipes??


I’m interested… How do I join?

You can join the Holistic Sexual Wellness Coach training programme – Module 1 – Herbal Yoni Medicine – at an Early Bird Special Price anytime between now and midnight on 28th May or at Full Price between 28th May – 14th June.  See below for full details.   The programme opens for everyone to start together on Tuesday, 15th June.

♥ ♥ ♥

New content will be released on a weekly basis.  The idea of dripping the content in a steady, consistent manner like this is to give you time to digest and absorb each week’s material and to avoid overwhelm, before adding more.  

♥ ♥ ♥

Modules 2-4 of the Holistic Sexual Wellness Coach training programme will be released one at a time following the completion of each previous module.  Each module is charged separately.  A certificate will be awarded at the end of each module, upon the successful completion of a final exam and case studies.  This is a stand-alone certification – so you can either continue with further modules – or not, as you wish.  

♥ ♥ ♥

Each chapter of the training includes an assessment at the end of it – where you can test your newfound knowledge, in preparation for the final exam.  

♥ ♥ ♥

Any queries you may have during the programme can be emailed to me directly via the Support form – or can  be discussed via the Gab social media group, which you will be invited to join once you have registered for the programme.  I use Gab, as opposed to Facebook, as I support their privacy and freedom of speech policies.  

♥ ♥ ♥

In addition, monthly Zoom calls will be held so that I can also answer any queries you may have on there – and so that we also get a chance to connect with each other, which I have personally found to be a really powerful and useful aspect of any online course/training programme.   

♥ ♥ ♥

The aim of the full Holistic Sexual Wellness Coach training programme is to create a solid set of holistic sexual self-care tools and practices – on a physical, emotional and spiritual level – to share with other women in whatever capacity we are already working with them – or may wish to work with them moving forward.  

♥ ♥ ♥

Module 1 – Herbal Yoni Medicine – is the first step along the way to doing that and will empower you to:-

  • Provide yoni steaming consultations and yoni steaming plans – online or in person – and/or to provide yoni steams in person too if you wish. 
  • To create your own brand of yoni steaming herbs, yoni teas and yoni pearls for use in your own practice and for resale. 
  • To have a much fuller understanding of the female reproductive system and menstrual cycle – and the health issues that may result from imbalances. 
  • To have a much fuller understanding of how our emotions/unresolved trauma impact upon our sexual health & happiness – and how we can clear them. 
  • To understand how we can nurture and care for our wombs and vaginas in the most optimal, holistic ways. 

Obviously, all of the above can be – and will be encouraged to be – applied to yourself first and foremost, as well as sharing this wisdom with your clients.  

♥ ♥ ♥

A Taste Of Each Chapter…

Introduction to Yoni Steaming - History & Overview

Where yoni steaming came from & how it works – where did this amazing women’s practice originate and why is it so effective?

Female Anatomy & Steam

Learn how steam works its magic within the female reproductive system so that you can explain it clearly and knowledgeably to your clients.

Contraindications For Yoni Steaming

When NOT to steam!  Such an important chapter, it isn’t always safe to steam and knowing when this is is essential knowledge for any yoni steaming facilitator.

Yoni Steaming Set-Ups

Learn about the different types of yoni steaming set-ups and how to decide which one is best for each client.

Herb Selection & Blending

Learn about the physical, energetic and elemental healing qualities of different herbs – then learn how to put them all together to make both standard and custom yoni steaming blends for your clients.

Yoni Steaming Protocols

Learn to assess your clients’ different needs and which steaming protocols to recommend to get the best results.

Yoni Steaming For Emotional Clearing & Trauma Release

Yoni steaming can be used to clear both physical and emotional trauma from the vaginal tissues and womb – and this section provides tools and guidance for both.

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Learning how to read the period so that menstrual cycle imbalances can be identified and addressed.

Yoni Love

How to take optimal care of the vagina and womb, restore any imbalances and nurture healthy menstruation and a radiant reproductive system (for all life stages).

Yoni Teas

Learn how to blend teas for hormonal balance, to ease period pain, PMS, etc and to tone the uterus.  Also to create beautifully heart-opening herbal formulas to take care of women’s physical and emotional sexual health needs.

Yoni Pearls

A look at yoni pearls – what they contain, how they work and how they compare to yoni steaming.  And how to make some yourself.

Business Resources

Creating your consultation forms & waivers, setting up your steam space, good practice hygiene & etiquette, setting prices, getting started & how to attract clients.  How to put all of the above into practice!